REACTIONS from customers to contacts with their animals.


"Everything she mentions is so recognizable and so grateful to me as confirmation. Yes, I will certainly do that and also what she says about the other person is absolutely right. '


"I am reading the second now and yes, it hangs there. Do you realize how good you are Dhyana! Thank you on behalf of that sweetheart for over a year he was afraid and now he is not anymore ".


"The first sentence is immediately correct. Goosebumps.

 I am completely from my apropos so in point how you talk to dogs. My compliments'.


"Everything you described about the coat was so right. Also the way of walking. It contained very striking (and recognizable) things. In terms of fleece blanket, I also understand, She has a round fleece basket that she likes to lie in.

I want to thank you again very much for your help because I can really do something with it.

Too bad that animals cannot talk haha, but you make up for that part.

Think everyone should do this for their pet. Thank you!'.


"Wow I am so happy. I'm really glad you wanted to talk to them. That is really a super nice gift. And indeed she eats quickly because she likes it. And she does indeed exaggerate, because only when it is finished and it is still there and there are crumbs because S does not always eat everything neatly, then P will take out the last leftovers, so that is really only a very small amount. So when I read it at S, I thought yes S, what a poser, but P says it too, so beautiful ".

(I had contacted the dog first here and then the cat. And the dog had said she always ate quickly because you never knew with that little one, and she meant the cat by that, before you knew it she would be grabbing in de bin and the cat said about that, without my asking, that the dog was exaggerating, because the dog was a sloppy eater and she, the cat, only ate the crumbs that remained. What I myself, Dhyana, thought was so beautiful about this, that the cat had apparently heard what the dog had said).


"It's just a special gift that you have. And they are both very impressed, about everything that is correct that you have written, absolutely everything, is just right from A to Z and they are also very grateful and it gives them a new insight ".


Thank you very much for your nice clear and fast report of the conversation. Very happy with it I've read it three times already and what strikes me is actually that it confirms what I may subconsciously already have known.

In the future I would like to use her as my co-coach work with children / young people where she can help, but that must really suit her of course (the dog had indicated during the conversation that he did not want to be a therapy dog). And if not, that's really okay.

She is a very beautiful mirror to me when I read the report.

She left the litter of 10 puppies at 7.5 weeks, which has indeed not been good…. Really sad (the dog had indicated in the conversation that she had been removed from the litter too early).

Nice work what you do. Really cool if you can do this. I am already busy with spiritual things a lot, but this is really special. Thank you!


What a conversation you had! It's exactly right, I completely recognize B! For example, we did put powder on her food for a while, she really didn't like that. Walking and eating the soil, the skin and her nails. In short, everything! Thank you very much, it is really special to read. Now I know that I do indeed have to worry a little less. Thank you very much.


1000 x thanks that thanks to you we got a better picture of our dear buddy Bl. How nice that we now know how to reduce tension for him. Now that he indicates this again so clearly through you, we will get to work with it. More and more puzzles are falling into place. This is the extra motivation to do more with it for Bl. Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to talk to Bl. You gave us the best gift you could give us. Again, 1000x thanks for your time, your energy and your gift for sharing it with us.


Thank you very much. This is a nice gift for me and K. A lot more has become clear to me now.


oh it makes me happy! Haha it is really recognizable the way you type it 😊. And that she was very shocked in the woods. We already thought a pig.

A mammoth 😂😂😂

Thank you. Very nice to have confirmation from you.

(This was another great example of how animals can indicate things. When I asked the dog what happened in the forest, she immediately passed on the image of a mammoth. And of course the dog had not seen a mammoth, but this was her way to indicate how great and impressive it had been for her and how shocked she was. Bit in a comic strip way, so much fun).


Super thanks!! I certainly recognize B in this! Fully!

Person in the chair is someone from the past.


How nice that you made time for us! Very happy with it. The striking thing is that before I saw your e-mail, I said that it could well be that there has already been contact. B came out of her sleep so happy ...

I recognize it too. That laying on the back and everything.


What a beautiful report. It is very recognizable. Also that he does not stand up for himself. He also has real humor, Well, in any case, I am very grateful to you . It is so special to receive.


Wow, what a great conversation you and C have had! We are very happy with it! H, in particular, is happy not to have to worry.

We particularly recognize the restlessness. Thank you again for the effort of your gift, special!


That part of autism, I really recognize it so much from T. Yes, I recognize that. And the special thing is that you start talking about that castration. He has already been neutered before he was six months old. So you really got that out perfectly. And also that autistic, beautiful. (This was the behavioral therapist).

How special. Yes and many things I do recognize, And indeed autistic. Am really so happy with this. (This was the customer). 


(During the conversation with the dog, it was discussed that she, the dog, already felt a lot happier because of the conversation and that the dog would make contact with a certain tree. Due to the behavioral therapist's busy activities, the report was not sent to the customer until a week after the interview)).

Customer: Ooh unbelievable!!! . She has been so happy for the past week!! And that tree… she is always with them!! Very happy with it Thank you so much!! This is really unbelievable, I really have tears in my eyes But I'm really happy with it. And I've noticed so much about H too. And I can go much further with this. Really great, thank you very much.

Behavioral therapist: 'This is really extremely special. Totally have goosebumps. Really wow I sent it today   (due to busyness that was a week after the conversation with the dog) and she only now knows. So H has indeed become happy since the conversation and has been regularly under that tree since last week So yes. Before she (H's wife) had seen the report, H had already laid down there.


Thank you very much for the wonderful reading. I have read it with a lot emotion. I think it's very nice that you can do something like this; connect with animals. That's something very special, I'm really glad that there are people like you! That makes me feel so relieved, I already want so
long communication with Donkey and that has now happened! I got answers on a lot of my questions! I recognize armst everything you say in the reading. I also very much recognize how you describe her, that is a nice confirmation.


I have read your report. It has helped us a lot to understand our dog better. I find it unbelievable in any case that you can make contact with our B from a distance and express what is on his mind. If there are any questions, or something you would like to share with us, please let us know, you have our confidence.


I read your story and how unbelievable.

I recognize a lot of things from it. Especially with L. L indeed has a very gentle character and that she has concerns is so true.  And that of the rice with fruit (tasty things) they don't get that very long, but they find it very tasty.

K is indeed a very different dog. That of those smells that L then finds and she wants to be there as quick as possible​ is certainly true.

I want to thank you for your nice conversation with my 2 toppers.


I was quote skeptical beforehand, to be honest. But I attach great value to your report, because I really recognize a lot of things! Is it possible to request such a sessiel more often?


I know she was born first, so that is right. Sea air, my mouth falls open (afterwards the woman told me that before they had lived in Curaçao near the sea and the beach), The fridge is almost scary. And the car at the store so recognizable!. Fortunately, everything is clear and we can now help her better. Thank you. (The woman had printed out the report and put it somewhere and the dog was constantly sitting on it!).


Wow this is super special!! That's exactly right.. really very special.. I am speechless. 


Thank you very much for your reading with N. It was moving and entertaining. We certainly recognize her in it! It's nice to know what she feels and thinks, so we can communicate even better with each other.  To anyone who has doubts about a reading; just do it!


I read in amazement. How true all this is. I also have to laugh that you said that her is always busy with a lot of things while walking. Hihi, that's right. That story of the water that may have been a sea. We probably went too far in that. Cool her down. Now we know she finds this exciting.


Thank you very much for this extensive and very accurate report, with many new insights. Very very beautiful ❤️ Somewhere I knew certain things but sometimes I get so confused because N indeed has a kind of 2 personalities. This beautiful report gives me hope and peace to move forward step by step. Thanks again❤️


Thank you for the detailed report, very nice. I've read it a number of times and I keep reading 'new' things.

First of all E, I had to cry when I read this, that someone hurt my 'little girl'. Of course we already knew this but it's not fun to read this.

Things I recognize are the inside and outside story. Inside E is really sweet, she listens well, etc. Outside she is really a different dog and you can see that in her whole body posture and behavior.

We still recognize having to fight for food from when she was just with us.

Then T; He is indeed a real actor, if he wants something he makes it very clear and then he always gets his way.

We had a lot of laughs at the prince bit, because we always call him king T.

T was indeed extremely distant in the beginning, but in the meantime he has become much more affectionate. But he can still isolate himself for hours and stare into nothingness.

T can indeed also really look at E like just act normal when E goes completely wild again.

T does indeed often lie upstairs on the bed to be alone for a while.

And that he says he likes to be at home doesn't surprise me either.

It's no surprise that he doesn't like food either, he can really just do half a portion of kibble all day long, but he's always ready for cookies. Although he also regularly stays in his basket because he knows it will be brought anyway. There's the king/prince bit again 🙂

Once again thank you very much for your conversation with T and E, I really appreciate that and it has certainly given me a number of insights. Thank you so much and hopefully I can hire you again! 


You call her a few times in the report L ....... in a previous contact with N you said several times the name L came up and you could not identify it ..... we did and that is very special.


Wow what a report! A lot of recognition! And the funny / nice thing is that I already took 2 wonderful walks today in which B walks so much more relaxed. There is now more understanding for each other. Really very special.


What an incredibly beautiful conversation and very recognizable! M! It's off to a good start. (the first thing the dog indicated was that she would think M was a nice name. And that the woman was open to it, but the man not yet). That's what I wanted to call her. The dog my father had as a child was called M. Haha, it's true that A (the man) said let's hear that name. While he is open to everything. I understand the hustle and bustle here at home. What an incredibly beautiful gift you have Dhyana. I am very happy with this information. And be sure to get started Thank you very much!


I am very grateful to you for the things we learned about C....... Super happy with all the insights you have given us and it makes me feel even more connected to Chile, because I understand her better. Very much and thank you for your beautiful valuable work 🌸


Super fun experience!


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